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I find last one the best soud- Hopely you get in the future a real solo. [email protected](lithuania) all the best for everybody *** 7 Apr. All the best for the future From a little Britt Jamaican gal Name: carlos City: spain Sent: 20-Jun-2007 PM Marcia, I agree with you in every word you´ve written in your last message. Name: Bozena City: Warsaw, Poland Sent: 13-Jun-2007 AM Hello Marcia, greetings from my beautiful country. Name: Manuel Ortiz Nuñez City: Blanes ( Spain ) Sent: 05-May-2007 AM Hello Marcia; On April 26 I had the chance to know yourself in person in Berlin.

le groupe Boney M m'a émerveillé avec tant d'autres amis(es)lors des soirées dansantes en 1979 - 1981 quand nous étions à l' Universté. Das hat mich verletz,den nur die wahre Fans wiesen wer Boney M ist. Ich möchte Boney M so behalten wie in den 70 und 80er jahre bis zum ende war ich von euch begeistert.Über Frank farian möchte ich nicht sagen aber er war kein guter mensch. You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. *** Date: 9/25/2008, pm, EDT Name: Sandra Vos Email: [email protected]: 35 Dear Marcia , thanks to the internet I learn about you. I have only one question: Now I already know that Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter were performed by Sphinx, but in 1979 an LP was on me and I remember Boney M as the performer of it. 2008 – |Lisa|Hey Marcia…..remember me…I was on of the flieghtattendants who flew you and your husband to Germany ( LTU Miami -MUC Buisness Class) …I am the one with the strawberry blond hair.. Name: Phil X City: Colonia germany Sent: 25-Sep-2007 AM Misses marcia, You sooo fantastik !!!the first single liz Was not in picture on tv and she is the Only one out a big group who has no Solo success!!!!!! Liz having succes by bobby and Than talking him into the ground Seeing on rtl 4 by liz mitchell- Rivers of babylon- and believe me There were people who believed That only bobby did sing!!!!!! *** Date: 7/21/2015, pm, EDT Name: curt janssen Number: 285 Further Best. You should be proud of what you’ve done with Boney M. By the way, I have a blog about Luv’ (the famous girls band from Holland). After trying to find and website that i could get it from (I only speak write and read english)I finally found someone on who had three copies for sale.The best of the best boney m- is The version of josephine baker. *** Date: 8/22/2015, pm, EDT Name: jessica Number: 287 Boney m. What is bobby a good dancer in Daddy cool on stage. *** Date: 8/3/2015, pm, EDT Name: jenny kuup Number: 286 The singer of the coombay dance band said “boney m that is nothing!!!!! Producer did also produce Wann er schon in das geld swimmte!!!!!! You can have a look at it: from France, Ralph Name: Eduardo Arencibia City: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In fact, I am practicing the songs so that I may sing one day in my school…Thank you for the music. sorry for my mistakes…I can’t speak/write very good english… I am looking forward to hearing this album and I know it will be a favorite among me and my friends along with the New Boney M DVD that I bought this year. was my whole family’s favorite group and seeing you guys on youtube brought back sweet memories. Well hope all is well with you and yours and if you want to drop a line sometime you can email me @ [email protected] I could show you some pictures of my children if you like! Love, Jennifer Burkey *** Date: 12/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Mercedes Email: [email protected] Web: Number: 55 Hi Marcia! I just knew from a cousin of mine that she and others made make-up and costumes for a Boney M show in Havana. i grew up on your good works and i’m still feeding my soul on them. I have all the 12″ and Lp Boney M from 1976 to 1985…It’s really impossible new song in boney m style? Have a great holiday Love Paul *** Date: 12/16/2008, am, EDT Name: Ake Wantwadi Email: [email protected]: 60 Growing up in Zaire(now Congo), Boney M. I have a wonderful fiance and I am currently living in Cocoa, FL. You have brought change to a life, lives and indeed the world.

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I hope you have received my Happy Birthday Greeting. My wife (she's american) learned from me and also became a fan of yours. Oh my dear, I can see that God have made you beautiful for a reason. ONE LOVE; YOUR FRIEND MIRIAM YOUR SCHOOL FRIEND MIRIAM. I have already met Maizie and Liz and I have been in touch with Bobby over internet – and I’d love to meet you too! *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: wayne demercado Email: [email protected] Number: 38 Happy 60th Birthday, MUm!!! 2008 – |Manuel |Feliz cumpleaños Marcia,gracias por tantos buenos momentos,gracias por la magia que nos transmites con tu voz tu carisma y tu personalidad, Un abrazo muy fuerte desde España. May God bless you with happiness, good health, love and all the best wishes!! 2008 – |Betty|Hi Marcia, I met you on the Hobe Sound beach years ago and wish you and your husband, Marcus, a wonderful healthy and successful life. with lots & lots of love from karunakaran & family. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and I hope you’re enjoying your glasses Marcus. I stop writing here telling you that today I found your songs after about 28 years and listened to them discovering wonderful things about your songs and music which I didnt realise as a child when I listened to them at first.

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  1. We all knew what was in that woman's heart, and just talking to her in class gave me a creepy feeling. We trust women, and their maternal instincts, to protect, nurture, and encourage.