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Handler herself even narrates the calls, telling you what to say to your companion.

(Some pauses between instructions would have been nice, though.) The pre-built excuses are useful enough – a car being towed or a missing pet, for example. That makes the app more practical than being just the celeb marketing vehicle it would otherwise seem.

Much of the episode involves Handler’s own complaints about how confusing technology is, and how it never seems to work properly for her.

But she also drops in on a few tech-focused companies in the area, including Netflix, Twitter and Wired – the former where a patient and amused CEO Reed Hastings tries explaining to Handler what streaming actually .

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"George Clooney and Fabio apparently got into a scuffle at a restaurant in Los Angeles over the weekend.

– but, in reality, the child speaks fairly intelligently about the product’s feature set and Yeti team members barely react to the pint-sized speaker, and instead quickly move to follow-up questions after just a few smiles.

That seems to miss the mark about what’s worthy of poking fun on in the Valley.

The launch coincides with the debut of Handler’s new Netflix series, , where the technically disinclined comedian attempts to get a handle on what technology is doing to both our culture and our minds.

The humorous, but also potentially practical, app is designed to get you out of awkward situations – like bad dates or boring meetings, for example.

George thought the women with Fabio were taking pictures of him.

How embarrassed is George Clooney to be in a fight with Fabio?

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