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Carmen Polanco, one of their eight children, also corroborated her dad’s account, records show.In her ruling, the judge noted it was likely the same fraudster behind all three marriages, “because divorces from the 19 marriages are listed on the 1990 marriage application.” There were other irregularities, too.The 21-year-old woman told the outlet that she had noticed the man staring at her earlier in the ride and asked him to stop looking at her because it was making her uncomfortable.

On the 1978 application, the groom claimed to be a taxi driver, but the real Polanco testified that he not only doesn’t have a license, he doesn’t know how to drive.

The video starts with her trying to correct him, saying she's white and not Chinese as he claims.

One thing that struck her about the confrontation is that no one intervened. After viewing the clip, Manhattan City Council Member Margaret Chin spoke out against the incident to Gothamist.

Their location is perfect, their terrace incredible, and the food out-of-control delicious.”When it came to planning, the whole thing was very spontaneous—“everyone around us really stepped up and helped us pull it together in a seamless way within more or less six weeks,” says Valentina.

“Lyor, Az’s father, handled the reception event, and Amy, Az’s mother, helped with the overall planning and the flowers.

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