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Not to be confused with I Can Explain or Not Helping Your Case.

If the realization is that there's something previously told by another character that doesn't fit the facts Torg: My lord, the ship appears to be deserted.

Some situations go further with this, having the feared event happen directly after it's realized, which is a case of Five-Second Foreshadowing.

The Placebo Eureka Moment is an inverse, in which the act of explaining leads to a solution rather just than a realization that there's a problem.

Many other people are in caring roles in their jobs or do a lot of caring in their families or communities.

Often times, the words coming out of our mouth do not match up with our body language.

When facing incongruence, the listeners naturally choose to believe the nonverbal messages, rather than the spoken words.

We offer a broad range of counselling services to individuals, couples, adolescents and families. We are a respectful environment and are committed to providing our clients the highest level of care and safety.

While our team are all committed Christians, we acknowledge the diversity of beliefs, views and practices and offer counselling services that reflect the uniqueness of each person’s life situation. *A cancellation fee of will be charged for cancellations made without at least 24 hours notice. Each therapist is bound by a code of ethics and are accountable to their particular accrediting professional body: ACA, PACFA, AAWW, APS.

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Carers may struggle to prioritise their needs and may even feel guilty to do so but their own health is vital to both themselves and the ones they care for. For all, it will mean pacing one’s activities, not being critical of self and importantly, asking for help as required.

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