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They say hackers can remain dormant and undetected inside systems.

In Ukraine, hackers had infiltrated the grids there for about six months before the lights went out in December 2015, consultants said.

“On a daily basis there are DDo S attacks designed to probe network architecture, so it could well be possible that something (serious) could take place later on,” a Brussels-based NATO official said, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Lithuanian grid operator Litgrid said attacks on IT systems and the grid were constant but it had not seen DDo S attacks.

Litgrid maintains constant monitoring and runs regular tests to detect any cyber break-ins as part of its network defenses, the utility said in an emailed statement.

Latvia‘s grid operator, AST, said it had not seen incidents in the last year.

STECs were also targeted in Ukraine by the so-called Sandworm team, a Russia-backed group that had attacked energy companies in Western Europe and the United States in a campaign in 2014, several sources said.

Interviews with more than a dozen law-enforcement and private investigators, insiders and utility officials show hackers have quietly made incursions into Baltic networks over the past two years, in parallel with more serious attacks in Ukraine that plunged swathes of that country into darkness.

MILAN/LONDON (Reuters) - Suspected Russia-backed hackers have launched exploratory cyber attacks against the energy networks of the Baltic states, sources said, raising security concerns inside the West’s main military alliance, NATO.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, all members of NATO and the European Union, are on the political front line of tensions between the West and Moscow.

One of them said Sandworm was still active in the Baltic states.

“It’s the same kind of slander as all the other similar accusations,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked by Reuters about the possible hacks.

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