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A wooded path and lake a short distance west of Lejre, as well, was identified by some antiquarian scholars as "Herthadal," the sacred sacrificial precinct of the goddess Nerthus (also called Hertha), whose rites were described by the Roman historian Tacitus in chapter 40 of his Germania.

While such speculations can be dismissed as contributing to a "myth of Lejre" that has little to do with the actual Iron Age settlement-complex that has now been excavated, it could be argued that reality and fantasy have always been intertwined in stories pertaining to this region.

Sources: Notes on Rita’s mother’s ancestry – of Rita Hayworth – https:// of Rita Hayworth (focusing on her mother’s side) – Rita’s mother on the 1900 U.

Census – https://Well.a minut, U are talking about gypsy and sephardi,but all this things are not proved…or better supposed.

According to this , Rafael Cansinos discovered the Jewish heritage of his paternal family side, which deeply influenced him.So again many people in spain have that surname and are christians, just like hernandez or gomez or espinoza or many others like garcia or educated!!And take it from me, my family knew her father and we were involved in music. skal jeg så huske at barbere løg posen før i kommer fnis. miss fluffy så skal du rotte dig sammen med flirty..

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