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‘Dedicated to delivering the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars.’ [Last visited ] The Biblical Archeology Society (Washington). Site dedicated to the study of the The Dead Sea Scrolls.

a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information. Where did they come from and why were they created ? These questions and more will find answers through the links below.The authors of today's translations want to let everyone experience Torah by making them bigger.Ptolemy wanted to give everyone access to Torah by dwarfing its scope to fit the limitations of the human mind. In fact, our sages compared it to the sin of the Golden Calf.Ancient Texts Relating to the Bible (West Semitic Research Project, see page 3). [Last visited ] Archeological Excavations in Israel (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs). List of archaeological expeditions which accept volunteers, compiled by the Israel Foreign Ministry.

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To him it was inconceivable that a God-given document and one written by man should be treated differently.

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