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A key theme of this mini-movie is fear of the unknown and the battle of man vs self.Unlike other episodes, this one somehow is more thought-provoking.I honestly wanted to turn the tv off at one point, but I had the overwhelming urge to find out how it ends.

When Henri asks Kirby for the name of the film he's looking for, he puts his right hand by his computer monitor. See more » "Cigarette Burns" is a wonderful tale from John Carpenter that was a delight to watch. It's both surreal and frighteningly real, like a bad nightmare.I must have gotten really into it, but I haven't had a movie make me feel that way since I was real little. I was even able to watch Saw 3 without looking away, so something about this was different.That's the point of a horror movie though, so I guess I'm glad I wasn't numb to the gore like most people because gore is so over-used in films these days. — which hit the streets in May via an alliance between The Compound and Creator-Destructor — the album will now see an official European release through Century Media, as the band has officially signed with the label.Issued ENABLER’s founding guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey Lohrber of the union with Century Media: “I couldn’t be happier for all of this to come together.

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