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Domains have been so devalued (from an SEO perspective) that some names like Payday sell for about ,000 at auction.

,000 can sound like a lot to someone with no money, but names like that were going for 6 figures at their peak.

If you go back a decade or two tech startups would secure their name (say or or such) & then try to build a business on it.

But in the current marketplace with there being many paths to market, some startups don't even have a domain name at launch, but begin as i Phone or Android apps.

The "feed" based central aggregation networks are just like slot machines in your pocket: variable reward circuitry which self-optimizes around exploiting your flaws to eat as much attention as possible.

The fact that he is an individual with broad reach means he'll still be fine economically, but many other publishers would quickly end up in a death spiral from the above sequence.

aspects of the web by starting off from a "we only sell shit" standpoint? There's a clear dominant leader in each of these core markets: social, search, short-form video, long-form video, e-commerce, auctions, real estate, job search, classifieds, etc.

Some other core markets have consolidated down to 3 or 4 core players who among them own about 50 different brands that attack different parts of the market.

And it is very hard to run a large brand-oriented ad campaign promoting a generically descriptive domain name.

Professional domain sellers participate in the domain auctions on sites like Name Jet & Snap Names.

Big keywords like [payday loans] in core trusted extensions are not missed.

I didn’t buy more than 15 of Uniregistry’s domains because all names were reserved in the first place and I didn’t feel like buying 2nd tier domains ...

Domainers were angry when the first 2 Uniregistry’s New g TLDs (and .tattoo) came out and all remotely good names were reserved despite Frank saying that Uniregistry would not reserve any domains. Many online verticals are driven by winner take most monopoly economics.

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