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There is no public right of way to the Barrow but it can be seen on the opposite side of the lake from the water’s edge – a grass mound in a field. The barrow has twice been investigated by antiquarians.

The first investigation (1867) found a layer of partially cremated bones and two urns in the centre of the mound.

This was a stone of fearful interest, for much treasure was supposed to have been buried under it. "Me and my mate were in that hole as quick as we could and dug down as far and fast as possible but we never found any treasure, nor devils either.

Numerous attempts have abeen made to get at this treasure, but they were always defeated by some accident or piece of bad luck. [The Big Stone at Slash Lane, near Winceby]This stone cannot be moved, at least all attempts have so far failed, especially on one occasion, when it was with much difficulty reared up by ropes pulled by men and dragged by horses, for on a man saying, 'Let God or devil come now, we have it,' the stone fell back, dragging over the men and horses who were hauling at the ropes, and something appeared standing on the stone, doubtless Samwell the Old Lad, that is the Devil, who had been so rashly defied. By the number of broken ploughshares all around, we thought it was quite likely the stone was cursed, by every farmer and farm hand involved no doubt." The folklore is similar to many prehistoric stones in that it's connected to the battle, has treasure lurking under it, and is said to be immovable.

The second excavation (1911) found a layer of burnt earth’. - This hill, a few miles south of Louth, some 40 years ago was haunted by a man riding on a shag or shaggy horse, which suddenly appeared without any warning, and kept up with persons until they were terrified, but usually it appeared to people riding or driving, who did not notice the horse and its rider, until they looked to see what had terrified their horses, which stood trembling with fear, until they bolted down the hill.

From Lincolnshire Notes and Queries volume 2, page 272.

Archaeologists from Network Archaeology Ltd have teamed up with Lincolnshire Live to reveal more about the incredible artefacts from a dig along part of the route of Lincoln's Eastern Bypass prehistoric trackway that could be more than 4,000 years old has been discovered on a beach in Cleethorpes. Made of stone, the axe head weighs 4.4lb and was produced some time between 2000BC and 1600BC. The henge is more accurately located at TF 2538 7168. LI.138.1.1) This description is based on data from the RCHME MORPH2 database.

The wooden track would have been used to cross a boggy landscape and is believed to be from the early Bronze Age, said archaeologists... It was found when a walker stumbled across it last summer in a farmer's field near Scotter, north of Gainsborough... Details of henge on Pastscape Oval cropmark, diameter c.25 m of henge monument, class II, with opposed entrances known from JK St Joseph AP's BCG82-84. Neolithic flints from fieldwalking include cores and scrapers. Directions: North of the village of Kirton in Lindsey – along the B1400.

The crooks raided Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, near Lincoln."I am worried about what has happened to the stolen rabbits as they would not survive long in the wild and are not suitable to live as family pets in solitary confinement.They have lived in communal groups and to be happy need to feel part of a colony." Lincolnshire Police is investigating the raid, which happened in the early hours of January 7, and is calling on the public to help catch the gang.Later on she had friends competing in swimming, so she also became interested.CONSIDERING RETIREMENTShe contemplated retiring from competitive swimming after not being selected for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, despite winning the 200m backstroke at the British trials. But I realised I wanted to finish my career, whatever period of time that is, on my terms.

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I've made a very positive move to the University of Edinburgh, I'm enjoying training again, and seeing the results in recent competitions.” (uk, )ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVEIn November 2016 she was voted onto the British Olympic Association Athletes' Commission by her fellow athletes.

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